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  1. Regulation of the G1-S transition in fission yeast (2013) Doktoravhandling
    Bøe, Cathrine Arnason (Molekylær biovitenskap) List of papers. Paper II is removed from the thesis due to copyright restrictions. Paper I Rapid regulation of protein activity in fission yeast. Bøe CA, Garcia I, Pai CC, Sharom JR, Skjølberg H...
  2. Aberrant m6A regulation in Alkbh5 deficient mice results in increased DNA methylation and altered gene expression (2013) Masteroppgave
    Henriksen, Eva Kristine Klemsdal (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  3. The Effect of Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation on the Electroretinogram in Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (2013) Masteroppgave
    Bareid, Marit Christine (Molekylær biovitenskap) Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a progressive and degrading illness impairing the vision of all age groups [1-3]. The disease is caused by mutations which are affecting the photoreceptors and the retinal...
  4. ALiX controls cytokinesis in vivo (2013) Masteroppgave
    Steen, Chloe Beate (Molekylær biovitenskap) Cytokinesis is the final step of cell division that leads to the physical separation of two daughter cells by abscission. It is now well established that several components of endosomal machineries ar...
  5. Utilization of autophagy in the antigen donor cell for enhanced priming of Gag-p24-specific CD8+ T cell responses (2013) Masteroppgave
    Andersen, Aram Nikolai (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  6. Cortisol-induced cardiac remodeling in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Time-course and receptor-specific effects (2013) Masteroppgave
    Nørstrud, Karoline Sletbak (Molekylær biovitenskap) Cardiac pathology related to stress and life-style is a major cause of death in humans. It is also an emerging problem for the salmon aquaculture industry. This industry produces semi-domesticated fis...
  7. Regulation of adult muscle phenotype by Ets-2 (2013) Masteroppgave
    Winje, Ivan Myhre (Molekylær biovitenskap) A unique characteristic of skeletal muscle is its heterogeneous nature and ability to acquire new functional characteristics to keep up with changing demands. These plastic properties are mainly reg...
  8. Phage library against library for combinatorial discovery of matched target and bait pairs - a proof of principle (2013) Masteroppgave
    Eggertsdottir, Bergrun (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  9. The fibrosis progression, and treatment of the NCU-G1gt/gt mouse model (2013) Masteroppgave
    Schjalm, Camilla (Molekylær biovitenskap) Abstract Hepatic fibrogenesis is a wound healing response to continuous or chronic insults to the liver. The fibrotic stimuli are often based on disease, genetic disorders, abuse of alcohol and d...
  10. Developing tools for, and characterization of a family of novel human protein methyltransferases (2013) Masteroppgave
    Asgeirsdottir, Gudrun Yr (Molekylær biovitenskap) Post-translational modifications (PTM) of proteins are nature’s way of expanding its inventory while keeping organism’s genomes compact. Many diverse PTM’s are well known, such as ph...
  11. Differential effects of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) in human memory B cells (2013) Masteroppgave
    Olsen, Therese (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  12. Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative Targeting the expression of a putative RNA pyrophosphohydrolase (rppH) (2013) Masteroppgave
    Yahyavi, Pedro (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  13. Effects of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) in Human B Lymphocytes (2013) Masteroppgave
    Bollum, Lise Kristin (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  14. Development of biodegradable nanobeads as a novel drug delivery system for the treatment of tuberculosis using the zebrafish model (2013) Masteroppgave
    Kolstad, Terje R Selnes (Molekylær biovitenskap) Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a pathogen that has accompanied mankind throughout its far and recent history. Current TB-therapy consists of two tre...
  15. Characterization and expression analysis of STAMP1 isoforms in prostate cancer (2013) Masteroppgave
    Abraityte, Judita Aurelija (Molekylær biovitenskap) Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common type of cancer among men in Western countries. An approach to better PCa diagnosis, prognosis and management is to identify genes that are prostate-specific an...
  16. Studying the interaction between c-Myb and the menin/MLL system (2013) Masteroppgave
    Fuglerud, Bettina Maria (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  17. Targeting vaccines to dendritic cells A functional analysis of human XCL1 and XCL2 in mice (2013) Masteroppgave
    Gudjonsson, Arnar (Molekylær biovitenskap) The idea of targeting vaccines directly to antigen presenting cells to increase vaccine efficiency has received great attention in recent years, and so has the strategy of further tailoring the vacc...
  18. WEE1-inhibition and hypoxia (2013) Masteroppgave
    Hauge, Sissel (Molekylær biovitenskap) The WEE1-inhibitor MK-1775 is currently in clinical trials as an anti-cancer drug. In response to DNA damage, human cells activate cell cycle checkpoints to temporarily halt cell cycle progression, an...
  19. A new protocol for preparation of samples for image cytometry (2013) Masteroppgave
    Cyll, Karolina (Molekylær biovitenskap)
  20. A novel role for the PNUTS/PP1 interacting proteins WDR82 and TOX4 in the DNA damage response (2013) Masteroppgave
    Sandquist, Lise Ellefsen (Molekylær biovitenskap)